WMG custom design projects

Unique pieces and whole collections projected together with the professionals of design, from the initial project to the creation.

Roberto believes in the power of creation, as an action which gives a shape to what before existed only as a simple idea.


In a short time he learned the techniques of the glass masters in Murano, but he studied Chemistry and Physics at Boston University.


Thanks to this scientific and modern approach to tradition, different from Murano’s classic habits, Wave Murano Glass seeks collaborations with artists, interior designers and architects to devise, project and realize custom glass objects.


Roberto and his collaborators open the doors of their fornace to design professionals, and offer specific counseling, a comprehensive study on achievements and all their technical competence, to constantly pursue and produce objects with a new and unique style.

It’s a new kind of conception about the relationship between artisan and designer, in which communication done by people who speak the same language and human relations are what allows the development of new projects.


Untill nowadays, glass masters have learned everything they know about glass through the heritage of classical traditions, closed to the technical language of design.


Meanwhile Roberto feels that one of his tasks is to open his knowledge as a master to the world of art and furniture, thus moving the ideas of great designers to Murano.


Because he believes that only in such a way unique pieces of design and concepts can become two sinuous lines that merge and melt together like his creations.

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