Wave Murano Glass:
digital craftsmanship in line with tradition.

26 years and a childhood dream: to become an inventor. At school, Roberto had a passion for physics and could not resist finding out how the world around him works.


He grew and studied between Italy and the United States, but wherever he lived, he always felt like a craftsman and he understood that creating with his hands was his true passion.


Murano glass is connected to ancient knowledge, handed down through the centuries. It has the appeal of fire and the power to shape objects.


And Roberto fell in love with it.
So he decided to commit himself to this material, convinced that there could be a new way to become a Master Glassmaker.


He respects the values of this craft and he brings together passion, scientific training and modernity.


Today he is the youngest glass master in Murano and, together with his team, he produces handcrafted glass objects made in his furnace, Wave Murano Glass.

Roberto Beltrami does not have family ties in the Murano tradition, but he managed to acquire the skills of the great masters in a short period of time.


Like all Murano glass blowers, he has a great deal of respect for tradition and he is not a rebel, but he decided to bring his concept of the craftsman from the mainland.


Wave Murano Glass respects practices which have been established over centuries, but adding an extra tool to this tradition: youth’s enthusiasm to try out new paths.


Roberto loves keeping his hands busy, but he knows he is a child of the digital age. With this awareness, he has introduced new processes to an art that has been virtually changeless for centuries.


He knows that the value of young people is having an open mind and a fresh point of view.


Armed with this belief, Roberto has quickly become an innovator, as well as a point of reference within the Murano glassmaking tradition.